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Employees –
stronger together


What makes steel from Dillinger so special?

The stuff from which our employees are made! It’s their ideas, their skills and their passion that get the best out of steel, to assure the greatest benefits for our customers. 

For this reason, we laid the foundation stone for an employee-friendly corporate culture at an early stage, with a comprehensive internal code for corporate social provisions. Today, we are one of the Saarland’s largest and most attractive employers, with a workforce of more than 5,000 persons at Dillingen alone.

Steel fascinates, stimulates and welds us together. As a team, we shape corporate culture and structures at Dillinger to ensure that everyone can play their part in our process of continuous improvement and develop their potentials to the full. The Board, our managerial staff, the workforce and the workers’ council work co-operatively and trustingly together, maintaining a culture of codetermination, because – together, we’re stronger.