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Our vision


Welcome to Dillinger

Europe’s leading producer of heavy plate. Here, our hearts have beaten for more than 333 years for one very special material – steel. Its production demands both strength and skill, but those who understand and master it are rewarded with outstanding properties. Steel is thousands of years old, but is still full of undiscovered new potentials. It is precisely this which motivates us to redefine again and again the standards in our industry. The better our steel, the more successful are our customers. And the faster, more flexibly and more efficiently we act, the greater the benefits of our achievements. We only ever promise what we are totally certain we can deliver – and, in steel, that means: more than anyone else.

Pure steel, pure future –
together and for each other.

We are foundation. You can rely on us.

We are designers. As a partner to our customers, we develop excellent products for applications in key industries, from steel construction and mechanical engineering to the energy sector.

We are backbone. Wind turbines with Dillinger steel reliably supply every household in Europe with electricity. Bridges made of Dillinger steel provide safe infrastructure.

We are technology. With intelligent, digital technology and the know-how of our experts, we create sustainable products.

We are transformation. Inquisitive and open-minded, flexible and solution-oriented. We are “Made in Europe” – and prove our value worldwide.

We are Dillinger. We are Pure Steel+