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myE-Service & E-Connect


Your easy access to all order-related information

On the myE-Service portal, which you can customize individually to your needs, you as a Dillinger customer have access to a simple and clearly structured overview of all your order-related documents and of your current orders via a detailed status report. You can easily select the appropriate level of detail. The levels “project“, “order” and “order item” are available.

And, of course, you will also find all important documents on the portal, such as order confirmations, certificates, invoices and dispatch notes.

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Fast and easy access to the data of the certificate

As a Dillinger customer, you can now use the E-Connect app on a smartphone or tablet to quickly and reliably identify a Dillinger heavy plate. Scan the bar code on the label attached to the plate or enter the individual plate number manually to view a clear display of the corresponding certificate information as well as all test results. Based on this information, the chemical properties can be conveniently transferred to the standard E-Service help tool and valuable data can be determined, such as the optimum cooling time for welding or the recommended preheating temperature for flame cutting.

The app is available via myeservice.dillinger.de/econnect. Thanks to state-of-the-art Progressive Web App technology, no download is required for use.

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Sarah Gerart
E-Service, E-Connect

Phone: +49 6831 472025
Fax: +49 6831 473710


Tobias Graf
E-Service, E-Connect

Phone: +49 6831 473451
Fax: +49 6831 47992146