15. February 2024

Dillinger offers the first CO2-reduced heavy plates under the D-PURE+ label

The D-PURE+ product line, which includes CO2-reduced, thick and heavy heavy plate in various steel grades, is a brand new addition to Dillinger’s product portfolio. Details of the product range can be found in the D-PURE+ material sheet of the same name.

Dillinger is not yet in a position to melt the CO2-reduced steel itself. This can only be achieved starting in 2027/2028 with the implementation of the Power4Steel decarbonization project. The name D-PURE+ is based on the Pure Steel+ brand, which stands for the transformation of the corporate group.

However, in order to be able to offer all customers high-quality, CO2-reduced heavy plate now, Dillinger is supplied with steel from the electric arc furnace (EAF) of Saarschmiede GmbH Freiformschmiede, a globally renowned forging company from the SHS Group. The plate is then rolled and finished in the usual Dillinger production route.

This means that Dillinger quality plate can now be ordered with a product carbon footprint (PCF) that is aproximately half that of plate produced in the integrated steel mill! For production reasons, this offer only applies to normalized or tempered steel grades.

The current product carbon footprint (PCF) of a Dillinger heavy plate produced in the “classic” integrated steel mill, which includes all CO2 emissions from raw material extraction to transport, is 2,453 kg CO2 e/ to of plate. With the outlined alternative from Saarschmiede’s EAF route, around 1,200 kg CO2 e/ to of plate can be expected. The D-Pure+ 1200 label illustrates this achieved emission class of 1200 kg CO2 e/ to of plate and will supplement the respective steel grade designation.

D-PURE+ - Heavy plate with a reduced CO2 footprint

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