17. April 2023

Trade fairs/Events: Dillinger at Expomin and at Wind Europe

Meet Dillinger experts at Expomin in Chile and at Wind Europe in Copenhagen

From April 24 to 27, Johannes Klemm (Marketing & Technical Support) will be at Perficon Steel GmbH's booth 9-A18 at Expomin in Chile, the largest mining trade fair in Latin America.

Our team consisting of Danny van der Hout (General Manager Sales), Natalie Federmeyer (Sales) and Dr. Tobias Lehnert (Marketing & Technical Support) will visit Wind Europe in Copenhagen from April 25 to 27.

We would like to invite you to take the opportunity to discuss your current topics with our representative in person. He will be happy to meet you in Chile and Copenhagen and answer your questions about our products and services.

To arrange an appointment, simply send an e-mail to johannes.klemm@dillinger.biz, danny.vanderhout@dillinger.biz, natalie.federmeyer@dillinger.biz or tobias.lehnert@dillinger.biz.

We look forward to interesting discussions!

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Johannes Klemm
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Machinery & Construction Equipment, Steel Service Center, Plate Processing, Protection Steel

Phone: +49 6831 475658
Fax: +49 6831 47999036


Danny van der Hout
General Manager Sales

Phone: +49 6831 472681


Natalie Federmeyer
Head of Sales Department, Wind Power & Construction

Phone: +49 6831 473449
Fax: +49 6831 47992685


Dr. Tobias Lehnert
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Wind Power & Construction

Phone: +49 6831 472394
Fax: +49 6831 473089