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Large Diameter Pipes


Heavy plate for large diameter pipes

Sour-gas resistance for conveyance of corrosive fluids, large wall thicknesses for deep-sea pipelines, high toughnesses for use in Arctic regions – Dillinger plates for pipelines meet the very highest technological challenges. As a globally leading producer of pipe-making plate, we base our work on more than thirty years of experience and our high-performance production facilities.

Dillinger’s strengths in linepipe projects

  • Iron-making and steel production at Dillinger are perfectly harmonised with the needs of our heavy-plate rolling-mill – to assure precisely tailored material design from the ladle to the finished pipe-making plate.
  • Here at Dillinger, we know from long experience that downstream forming conditions in the pipe mill also have significant implications for steel design, so we attach even greater importance to close technical and commercial cooperation with our customers.
  • Our steelmaking plant’s process route assures maximum slab cleanness and homogeneity.
  • Dillinger’s high-force rolling stands achieve maximum reduction ratios during thermomechanical rolling of continuous-cast slabs of up to 600 mm in thickness.
  • Our high-performance cooling line enables us to produce plate with exceptionally fine-grained structures, excellent strength and toughness properties, and extremely good weldability.
  • Our pipe-making plates are supplied in thermomechanically rolled state, and also normalising annealed or quenched and tempered, for special applications, such as pipe bends, for example.


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Contact persons


Daniel Hooß
Category Manager Sales, Linepipe

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Philipp Ludwig
Head of Sales Department, Energy Transmission & Processing

Phone: +49 6831 472472
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Jörg Maffert
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Energy Transmission & Processing

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