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Shipbuilding & Jackup


Heavy plate for shipbuilding inc. refrigerated transport

Whether for cruise ships, large container ships or giant LNG and LPG carriers – Dillinger is the top address for the shipyards and rig fabricators when they need steels that assure maximum safety and cost-efficiency.

Dillinger’s strengths in shipbuilding

  • We supply steels that conform to the standards set by all international classification societies, with properties better in many cases than those specified in the standard.
  • Our portfolio covers the entire range of normal-strength and extra-high-strength shipbuilding steels.
  • We supply special low-temperature steels for the construction of LNG and LPG carriers, and also water-quenched and tempered grades to meet extreme mechanical strength requirements.
  • We can also supply out-of-the-ordinary formats and dimensions, enabling you to benefit from even greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in shipbuilding.
  • For demanding liquid gas tank designs, so as bilobe tanks, for example, Dillinger supplies already edge-machined plates and flame-cut components.


Customer information

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Customer information concerning the REACH regulation (2023)
Customer information: chemical elements in the inspection certificate
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Delivery program – heavy plate
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Technical literature

Delivery program – heavy plate
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Heavy steel plate from stock and plate processing
Delivery program – heavy plate
Queen Mary II

Contact persons


Lutz Domin
Head of Sales Department Steel Service Center, Plate Processing

Phone: +49 6831 472195
Fax: +49 6831 474580


Johannes Klemm
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Machinery & Construction Equipment, Steel Service Center, Plate Processing, Protection Steel

Phone: +49 6831 475658
Fax: +49 6831 47999036