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Wind Power


Heavy plate for wind & tidal power

Offshore generation of energy necessitates materials that can enduringly withstand the forces of wind and water. This is why heavy plates from Dillinger are among the most important design and structural elements in offshore wind energy – in functions ranging from the offshore foundations of the wind-energy installations and platforms, via the towers themselves, up to and including internal mechanical components. From the very start of development of offshore wind energy, Dillinger has always been a trusted supplier for all foundation concepts implemented up to now. Whatever the foundation type, Dillinger has the right steel for you.

Dillinger’s strengths in wind & tidal power

  • Dillinger supplies the thermomechanically rolled plate mainly used for foundations, such as S355ML, in the most extreme dimensions – up to 170 mm in thickness, up to 4,650 mm wide, and with item weights of up to 42 t. Using wide and heavy plates eliminates high-effort circumferential welds.
  • Plates cut to shape and size in advance for cone fabrication and plates with individually semi-fabricated milled edges for high fabrication efficiency can be supplied if required.
  • Our production department is optimally prepared for supply of large quantities of plates on time and within tight time windows.
  • You can rely on our ultra-high quality and safety standards, the fruit of our know-how, acquired in more than 40 years of project-business experience in the highly safety-sensitive oil and gas industry.
  • For special needs, such as jackets and platforms, for example, Dillinger can supply large, thick, heavy offshore steels in strength classes of up to 500 MPa and with superior mechanical properties, such as centre toughness, high surface quality and excellent weldability.
  • In the field of mechanical components, our affiliated thermal-cutting companies enable us to supply an extensive range of flame-cut parts and components in extreme thicknesses.

Proprietary steels


Technical literature

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Contact persons


Natalie Federmeyer
Head of Sales Department, Wind Power & Construction

Phone: +49 6831 473449
Fax: +49 6831 47992685


Dr. Tobias Lehnert
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Wind Power & Construction

Phone: +49 6831 472394
Fax: +49 6831 473089