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Environmental product declaration (EPD)

Environmental product declaration (EPD) for sustainable construction with Dillinger heavy plate

Dillinger constantly invests in its production sites in Dillingen and Dunkirk to fulfil its responsibility to ensure state-of-the-art,  sustainable steel production with the highest social standards. Transparent documentation and communication of the environmental impacts caused have always been very important to us. This is why Dillinger has been represented in an Environmental Product Declaration for more than 15 years, although this is structured across several products; now there is a new Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A2 that is specifically related to Dillinger heavy plate. In this way, we can make quantifiable environmental information even more accessible to our customers on a European harmonized and scientific basis.

Sustainable, responsible action is a fundamental part of Dillinger’s self-image. In the future, we want to support our customers even more with our products to reduce their own carbon footprint. The name Pure Steel+ stands for our planned transformation project to green, CO2-reduced steel and describes the conversion of our production to more sustainable, resource saving production processes.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as per ISO 14025 and EN 15804