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High, extra-high and ultra-high-strength quenched and tempered fine-grained structural steels


 For ever-increasing loads

Ever bolder load-bearing structures and ever more gigantic machines, handling/conveying systems and lifting equipment necessitate ever higher-performance materials that will dependably and cost-efficiently withstand the increasing loads resulting, but with the lowest possible material weight. Dillinger’s response to these needs are its high-strength, extra-high-strength and ultra-high strength quenched and tempered fine-grained structural steels, with nominal yield strengths ranging from 460 MPa up to 1,100 MPa.

The Dillinger range for your needs

  • Dillinger supplies a unique range of formats and dimensions, up to individual item weights of 42 t and plate thicknesses of above 290 mm.
  • Our DILLIMAX proprietary steels assure product properties well above those specified in the applicable standards, such as higher Charpy V-notch toughness, superior internal cleanness and tighter CEV limits.
  • We can guarantee toughness even at extremely low temperatures of -60° C for our ultra-high-strength grades, such as DILLIMAX 965 E.
  • Properties in the plate-thickness direction, so-called Z grade in accordance, for instance, with EN 10164, can be agreed even for extremely thick plates.
  • Our steels are also approved for use in demanding offshore applications.
  • Extra-high-strength steels with yield strengths of above 460 MPa are coming increasingly into use in structural-steel engineering for particularly heavily loaded structural components. Solutions such as DILLIMAX 690 also convince in such applications with their good workability and, in particular, with their cost-efficient weldability.

Contact persons


Christoph Dickmann
Head of Sales Department, Machinery & Construction Equipment, Protection Steel

Phone: +49 6831 472385
Fax: +49 6831 47992681


Johannes Klemm
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Machinery & Construction Equipment, Steel Service Center, Plate Processing, Protection Steel

Phone: +49 6831 475658
Fax: +49 6831 47999036