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Thermomechanically rolled
fine-grained steels


Mechanically strong, tough and very easy to weld

Whether for the construction of pipelines, offshore platforms and wind-power installations, pressure vessels or other steel fabrications – Dillinger’s thermomechanically rolled plate convinces users with its high mechanical strength and toughness, combined with efficient workability and weldability.

The Dillinger range for your needs

  • Dillinger supplies thermomechanically rolled plate in thicknesses of up to 170 mm, widths of up to 4,650 mm, with items weights of up to 42 t.
  • Our thermomechanically rolled plate conforms to the relevant standards, including API Spec 5L, EN 10025, Part 4, ASTM A 1066, EN 10225, API Spec 2W, EN 10028, Part 5, ABS and DNV GL rules, etc.
  • Yield-strength levels range up to 690 MPa.
  • Exceptionally low alloying-element contents, expressed in low carbon equivalents, assure excellent weldability.
  • The most diverse range of welding processes can be used safely for Dillinger plates, thanks to their high toughness level.
  • Dillinger’s production facilities assure output of large volumes of thermomechanically rolled plate at a constant high quality level.

Useful information on thermomechanically rolled fine-grained steels

Thermomechanical rolling serves the purpose of shaping a heavy plate and systematically adjusting its mechanical properties. This is a controlled process, extending from slab reheating, via rolling, up to and including (accelerated) cooling and, where necessary, tempering. Rolling is performed in accordance with a defined rolling-pass schedule, with finish rolling in the non-recrystallised austenite or austenite-ferrite two-phase region. The essential effects of thermomechanical rolling are based on micro-alloying with, for example, Nb. The main aim of all mechanisms used in thermomechanical rolling is the attainment of the finest possible grain, this being the necessary basis for the combination of high mechanical strength and toughness with only low alloying-element contents.

Contact persons


Natalie Federmeyer
Head of Sales Department, Wind Power & Construction

Phone: +49 6831 473449
Fax: +49 6831 47992685


Dr. Tobias Lehnert
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Wind Power & Construction

Phone: +49 6831 472394
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