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Heavy plate services
ex stock


Dillinger plates and prefabrication services from stock

The Dillinger steel service centers keep more than 150,000 t of Dillinger heavy plates for fast ex-stock deliveries. Thus, you have access to a wide range of grades, an extensive stock list and also extraordinary dimensions. Further services as stock logistics, cutting, weld edge preparation, machining, fabrication of welded components and heat treatment complete the service package and satisfy your specific needs of prefabrication.

Heavy steel plate from stock and plate processing

AncoferWaldram Steelplates, Netherlands, serves customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and – by in-depth experience in export logistics – also worldwide with Dillinger plates from the extensive stockyard. The stock list comprises inter alia constructional steel, shipbuilding grades, one of the largest offshore plate stocks, TM grades up to 100 mm thickness, high strength DILLIMAX and sour service DICREST. The cutting facility offers oxy- and plasma-cutting, weld edge preparation and shot-blasting.

AncoferWaldram Steelplates distributes thermomechanically rolled plates DI-MC also for Offshore sector.

Ancofer Stahlhandel, Mülheim/Ruhr, located centrally in Germany offers a comprehensive stock list of Dillinger heavy plates: Among others, constructional steels up to 250 mm thickness, plates for pressure vessel applications also in extraordinary dimensions and a wide range of high strength DILLIMAX and wear resistant DILLIDUR are available. Widths up to 4 000 mm and lengths up to 20 m also serve your needs of extra-large dimensions. The cutting facility, certified by EN 1090, is one of the leading shops in Germany. Prefabrication services as weld edge preparation, shot-blasting are in-house. Additional services are offered together with partners.

Jebens, Korntal-Münchingen nearby Stuttgart and with a second facility in Nördlingen, is a specialist for heavy constructional steel plates up to 450 mm thickness, profiled slabs up to 650 mm thickness, cut pieces also with extremely heavy weight and welded components with a piece weight up to 160 t. Jebens offers one-stop services as machining, weld edge preparation, heat treatments as well as welding, certified according to EN 1090, also with robots and also for high strength steel. Jebens delivers components prefabricated to your needs.

Dillinger Middle East, Dubai is the specialised heavy plate stockist for Middle East and with its subsidiary in Mumbai as well for India. Dillinger constructional steel plates, offshore grades, pressure vessel plates, sour service DICREST, high strength DILLIMAX and wear resistant DILLIDUR are available from stock. In addition, Dillinger Middle East representing Dillinger also offers in the Arabian countries all services available in the Dillinger group.


The stockists within the Dillinger group as well as selected stockists worldwide keep wear resistant DILLIDUR and high strength DILLIMAX on stock for your short-time needs.

AncoferWaldram Steelplates distributes sour service DICREST from stock worldwide, Dillinger Middle East in Middle East and India.

DIFENDER is distributed as follows: AncoferWaldram Steelplates for the Netherlands, Ambo Stahl for Austria, Germany and Switzerland and UnionOcel for Central and Eastern Europe.

AncoferWaldram Steelplates distributes thermomechanically rolled plates DI-MC also for Offshore sector.

Ancofer Stahlhandel keeps on stock for you all actual DILLIDUR grades and some of them up to 150 mm thickness: air-hardened DILLIDUR 325 L, water quenched DILLIDUR 400, DILLIDUR 450, DILLIDUR 500 and now also DILLIDUR 550 as well as extra-tough DILLIDUR IMPACT. The DILLIMAX stock list goes up to 250 mm thickness and up to 3 000 mm width. DILLIMAX 690 T/E, DILLIMAX 890 T and DILLIMAX 965 T are available from stock.

AncoferWaldram Steelplates keeps an extensive stock of DILLIMAX 690 T/E up to 250 mm thickness. The stock offers also DILLIMAX with superior ultrasonic properties S3/E4 guaranteed by Dillinger and Z35 – enhanced ductility in through thickness direction resulting in higher constructional safety. 3.2 certificates are available for offshore and shipbuilding applications. AncoferWaldram Steelplates distributes DILLIDUR from stock especially in the Netherlands. AncoferWaldram Steelplates distributes thermomechanically rolled plates DI-MC also for Offshore sector.

Dillinger Middle East keeps DILLIDUR and DILLIMAX on stock for Middle East and India. DILLIDUR 400, DILLIDUR 450 and DILLIDUR 500 as well as DILLIMAX 690 T and the offshore grade ABS EQ 70 are locally available. If you need other special grades or extraordinary dimensions Dillinger Middle East has access to the Dillinger stocks in Europe.

Selection of further distributors for DILLIDUR, DILLIMAX and DIFENDER

Here you can find a selection of your local distributors for DILLIDUR and/or DILLIMAX.

Here you can find a selection of your local distributors for DIFENDER.

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Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Machinery & Construction Equipment, Steel Service Center, Plate Processing, Protection Steel

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