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Heavy plate services
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We make your work easier

Dillinger can supply not only the right heavy plate for your parts and components. Upon request, we can take over the first processing steps for your production that you do not wish to perform or cannot be carried out by yourself.

We support you as a customer in your projects with our extensive know-how and our technical capabilities. In addition to the delivery program for heavy plate, you can obtain many other products and services according to your individual requirements by arrangement.

Heavy steel plate from stock and plate processing

Selected products and services

Edge-machined plates

Do you need plates cut precisely to size and with prepared weld-edges for your project? Let us do it for you.

For mechanical processing with the highest precision, we use CNC-controlled sheet metal edge milling machines, which produce edges without hardening.

We therefore deliver ready-to-use sheets with weld seam preparation according to your wishes.

In addition to right-angled outer contours, trapezoidal and arcuate cuts are also possible.

Thickness ≤ 160 mm
Length ≤ 25,000 mm
Width ≤ 5,000 mm

Cut-to-size plates

Whether large-format cuts for foundation plates, lamellas, press frames, flange rings, racks for drilling rigs or tube sheets for container construction – we can supply the correctly fitting cut-to-size plate.

According to your design drawings, we can also cut the plates with weld seam preparation if required.

Depending on the application, we use CNC-controlled flame cutting, plasma or water jet systems.

Stress relief annealing of the cut-to-shape plates is possible.

Thickness range up to 450 mm

Lengths and widths within the Dillinger dimension program for heavy plates. Special formats deviating from the dimensional program on request.


Contact person


Philip Falk

Phone: +49 6831 472308
Fax: 06831-47 3511