Extra-high strength for special offshore applications

DI-RACK plates, with minimum yield strengths starting at 690 MPa combined with excellent toughness properties, are the solution for heavily stressed structures in the offshore oil and gas industry. DI-RACK is used, for instance, in the legs of wind-turbine installation vessels and in mobile production platforms, so-called jack-up rigs, for the racks of the jacking system.

The strengths of DI-RACK proprietary steel

  • DI-RACK is a quenched and tempered fine-grained structural steel with constant yield strengths throughout the entire thickness range up to 210 mm: 690 MPa for Type B and 723 MPa in Types M and S, which additionally feature enhanced tensile strengths.
  • DI-RACK offers optionally improved deformation properties perpendicular to the plate surface for plates exposed to loads in the thickness direction.
  • DI-RACK possesses not only ultra-high mechanical strength but also excellent toughness properties throughout the plate cross-section at test temperatures of down to -60° C, depending on the customer’s specification.
  • Dillinger possesses ABS and DNV approvals for plates in the 690 MPa yield-strength class.



Data sheets & specifications

Delivery program – heavy plate
DI-RACK – High strength fine grained structural steel, quenched and tempered, for racks and chords in plate thicknesses up to 210 mm

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