For higher temperatures and lower weights

DIWA proprietary steels enable you to save significantly on weight in the fabrication of pressure vessels and steam boilers for high operating temperatures. These steels have a higher high-temperature yield strength than other high-temperature alloyed and non-alloy steel grades.

The strengths of DIWA proprietary steel

  • DIWA gives you the choice of three gradations of high-temperature yield strength. All versions offer properties significantly superior to those specified for the standardised materials for each specific field of application.
  • DIWA 353 is suitable for temperatures up to 400° C. DIWA 373 can be used up to 500° C, while DIWA 393 withstands elevated temperatures of up to 375° C combined with elevated pressures.
  • These high-temperature steels feature low levels of alloying with manganese, copper, nickel and molybdenum, and attain their ultimate properties as a result of the heat treatment which concludes their production.
  • Like all Dillinger proprietary steels, DIWA possesses extremely good workability and, above all, excellent weldability.
  • We are always pleased to supply DIWA in conformity to your own demanding specifications.
  • DIWA gives you the security of its global references.


Data sheets & specifications

Delivery program – heavy plate
DIWA 373 – weldable fine grained steel for higher temperature service
DIWA 393 – weldable fine grained steel for higher temperature service
DIWA 353 – weldable steel for higher temperature service

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