The offshore grade with the CE symbol

The location of your offshore wind farm demand the use of materials bearing the CE symbol? But the design demands offshore steels in accordance with EN 10225 or you’d like to benefit from their improved processing properties? Simple: just choose DIWIND.

The strengths of DIWIND

  • The DIWIND specification combines two grades of steel and thus offers you offshore-steel quality in accordance with EN 10225 combined with the CE marking in accordance with the harmonised EN 10025 standard.
  • Compared to steels specified solely in accordance with EN 10025, you benefit from the improved toughness and weldability of offshore steels in accordance with EN 10225.
  • In addition, DIWIND also guarantees carbon equivalents further improved compared to the EN 10225 offshore standard.
  • DIWIND gives you a double safety bonus – during design and construction, thanks to its excellent toughness and weldability, and in the fulfilment of building-law requirements.



Data sheets & specifications

Delivery program – heavy plate
DIWIND – Offshore steel grade with CE-marking

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Dr. Tobias Lehnert
Head of Marketing & Technical Support, Wind Power & Construction

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