Other steels


Further Dillinger branded steels

Dillinger branded products are special steels developed and optimised individually for special applications.
These steels are distinguished from standard grades by their superior working and service properties,
and by their exceptionally high level of quality. The special features of these branded products are summarised below:

Other Dillinger steels – at a glance

  • Longitudinally profiled plate (LP plate) from Dillinger features a thickness profile (cross-section) which varies across plate length. This permits particularly efficient production of large beams, for bridge projects, for example.
  • Our P420M HT steel is used to meet additional temperature-resistance requirements in the same field. This is a thermomechanically rolled fine-grained steel with a minimum yield strength of 420 MPa in the lowest thickness range.
  • Dillinger supplies modern CrMo and CrMo(V) steels for construction of petrochemicals reactors, with their demanding specifications.
  • S500G1+M/G2+M  is a thermomechanically rolled fine-grained structural steel. This steel permits weight reductions thanks to its high and constant minimum yield strengths in the respective dimensions range.
  • ASTM A829 – Grade 4140/4142 are quenching and tempering steels in accordance with American codes of practice and convince users with their excellent cleanness and homogenous microstructure, precisely defined hardness and mechanical-strength range in delivery state.