Longitudinally profiled plates
from Dillinger


Plates with a strong profile

Imagine a plate that has a thickness profile precisely matched to the stress pattern and assists you in eliminating high-effort and high-cost welds, as well as unnecessary material and weight. Not possible? It is possible – these are exactly the needs that longitudinally profiled plates from Dillinger meet.

The strengths of Dillinger’s longitudinally profiled plates:

  • Dillinger’s longitudinally profiled plates (LP plates) have a thickness profile that varies across plate length.
  • An extremely diverse range of profile types are available, in plate lengths of up to max. 28 m.
  • These plates thus enable you to fabricate large beams – for bridge structures, for example – with exceptional efficiency: plate thickness follows the course of the deflection curve from the start.
  • Less welding is needed, so you save material and working time.
  • Your structure’s fatigue strength is boosted simultaneously.
  •  Our team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


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