For extreme challenges at Dillinger plant:
DILLIDUR. Hard but smart.

Dillinger heavy plates for a dumper at Dillinger plant

In our steel work not only heavy plates are rolled. In the location of Dillingen, Dillinger also produces about 1.5 million t of by-products per year in the crude steel production unit.

Huge excavators – usually used in mines- break the slag after it has been transported from the slag patches of the ironworks and blast furnace. Afterwards the up to 5,000 kg heavy boulders, which can still be up to 250 °C hot are loaded onto dumpers. Impact on the dumper bodies cannot be avoided. The dumper body must stand firm under these rough conditions with 20 load cycles with constant impacts.

Therefore, wear resistant DILLIDUR steels were demanded in the tendering as plates for the dumper body. The application of DILLIDUR among heavy duty conditions in the work of Dillinger allows it, to optimise our DILLIDUR steels constantly on the needs of the customers.


Wall thickness
10 - 15 mm

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