The new generation of super heavy lift cranes
with steel from Dillinger

DILLIMAX for the steel giant

This steel giant with a huge loading moment of 200,000 tm can lift 2 of the biggest airliners with a weight of 1.000 t over a distance of a football field. Safety and reliability is a must even under arctic conditions. Thus, high Charpy values at extremely low temperatures of –40°C are required. For the extremely loaded rails, Dillinger had to develop a special extra tough and wear resistant steel grade.

With the PTC 140 DS and PTC 200 DS a new generation of super heavy lift cranes was built. These cranes allow erecting complete power stations with only one single crane. The PTC 200 DS reaches with its maximum lifting capacity of 3,200 t a radius of 50 m. This corresponds to a load moment of 200,000 tm. The enormous operating range covered with its booms are also very important.
At a single lift the PTC 200 DS puts over the longitudinal side of a football field (more than 100 m) nearly 2 of the biggest airliners of the world. Furthermore, this moving giant slew 360 ° in less than 15 minutes around and can cover an area with more than 200 m also in the radius.

This crane will be used worldwide, thus, also with arctic temperatures down to -40 °C safely and reliably. This requires not only steels with high strength, but also extreme toughness at low temperatures. At full load the steel wheels roll with extreme pressure over the rails of the perfectly circular ring bearers with up to 49.5 m of diameter. For these rails special steels were requested which are very tough and resist to the rolling pressures. Dillinger delivered alltogether more than 12,500 t of heavy plates, mainly high strength steels DILLIMAX. For the highly challenging rails a project-related special steel grade was developed.

Our Dutch daughter company AncoferWaldram Steelplates B.V. carried out the whole order logistics and fabricated a large part of the flame cut parts for the crane.

We look forward to new challenges in the crane construction.


high strength steels DILLIMAX
Wall thickness
up to 120 mm

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