10. February 2022

E-Service customer platform featuring many new potentials

Today, Dillinger is expanding its digital service facilities in its online E Service customer portal with “myE Service”. Even this first expansion stage provides a number of very useful improvements, further spectacular innovations will follow. We will not disclose any more about the latter here, let’s focus firstly on the current changes.

Within the E‑Service customer portal, our customers are now able to manage order-related information even more easily and more clearly under the new myE‑Service menu item!

At the "Status Report" item, the "Project", "Order" and "Order Item" levels are available. Individual views and filter potentials assure clarity at all times. And, of course, the portal continues to feature all important documents, such as certificates, confirmations of order, invoices and dispatch notes.

In order to use the potentials of myE‑Service, the user must register (once only) on this page. No new registration is necessary for customers who already have a log-in for the previous E‑Service area. The previous ID will remain valid for another four weeks. Only those who did not log in during this period will need a new registration at a later time, for data-security reasons.

The "myE‑Service Tutorials" on the E‑Service portal describe the application step by step. Of course, our customers can contact their familiar sales representatives as well as our central contact in Dillingen for all questions regarding myE‑Service. Just get in touch with us!


Tobias Graf
Category Manager Marketing & Technical Support, Offshore installations

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